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I Am… Iron Man…

May 16th, 2008

OK, usually, dear readers, I think you know that I do not do that thing of trying to transfer a particularly annoying song from my head to yours. It’s called… what is the Internet expression? I cannot remember. Song transference or something.

But this is kinda an emergency.

It’s Iron Man. Ozzy, why must you torment me?

A couple of weeks ago, Hockey God asked me, “Why do our kids know all the words to Iron Man?” I’m all, “Their P.E. teacher.” (Wild guess.)

(And who is also why they know how to play Soak ‘Em, have learned some square dancing dances, have incredibly fun field days and is pretty much the only reason they agree to go to school. They love their P.E. teacher.)

“I am the ice cream man/
running over kids/
in my big white van…”

Yes, that’s all they’ve been singing for two weeks solid now.

Head. Hurts. Make it stop? It goes to your head, it leaves mine, yes?


and now for something entirely different…

May 16th, 2008

Aw, tricked ya! Just wanted to see something else up here besides political crap. Sick kid at home, I’m working from my home office, which heats up to approximately 120 degrees on hot days AND it’s going to be 97 degrees today here in River City, USA. (No, our screens are not up in the windows, storms still.)

Gotta motor.


ps Wacky Girl would like to say, “Howdy, people of the world.”

Mike Erickson: “Political Sociopath”

May 14th, 2008

It is a weird, crazy day at Wacky House when Wacky Mommy finds herself in agreement with Kevin Mannix. (In today’s Oregonian, Mannix is quoted as calling Mike Erickson a “political sociopath.”)

And just to set everything straight — I’m pro-choice. Abortion needs to be safe, legal and removed of stigma and taboo.

However. (And this is a pretty big “however.”) I am against abortion when it involves your rich boyfriend driving you to the clinic, taking 300 bucks out of an ATM on the way, and dumping you at the clinic doors. (“That solves that problem.”) Then he takes you to Puerto Vallarta a month later, after you’re “good again,” so he can feel better and what? This is some sort of reward for “taking care of” the “problem”?

That I have a problem with. I mean, seriously. Fuck that. Fuck that about twelves ways to Monday. Because not only are you dealing with the post-partum that often follows abortion (and is something a lot of people refuse to discuss or deal with), you’re also dealing with Trauma of Asshole Boyfriend Who Treats You and Your Unborn Like Pieces of Dirt.

Something like that is going to take years of healing. Peace and healing to you, girl. You’re not alone. I hope you find some support and care and community.


(Here is the text of the editorial that ran in the Oregonian this morning:)

The 5th District bombshell
Kevin Mannix circulates troubling charges against Mike Erickson in a fight so down and dirty that one of the two must go
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ugly developments in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District race make it clear that one of the leading Republican contenders should drop out.

If reports about past conduct by Mike Erickson can be substantiated, he’s the one who should beat a hasty exit for the sake of his party. His opponent, Kevin Mannix, in an 11th-hour direct mail appeal to 60,000 GOP voters, raised allegations that Erickson got a woman pregnant eight years ago, gave her money to have an abortion and callously dropped her off at the door of a clinic where she had the procedure.

Erickson says the story isn’t true, but if it holds up, it could doom his candidacy in November should he become the Republican nominee. His party’s anti-abortion constituency would not be alone in seeing hypocrisy in his claim to be a “pro-life, pro-family” candidate.

However, if the story proves untrue, Mannix would become the poisoned candidate. He would be guilty of spreading a falsehood so reckless that it would leave him unfit for office.

So who are voters to believe? It’s troubling that mail ballots must be returned this week before the Mannix allegations can be fully investigated, but for the moment he appears to have the superior credibility.

As evidence, Mannix has a 2006 e-mail, purportedly written by a woman named Kristi Oetken, claiming to be a friend of a woman named “Tawnya” who had an abortion paid for by Erickson. Mannix says sources he trusts interviewed both women and found their story believable, and the Portland Tribune posted a detailed interview with the woman named Tawnya.

That’s not proof, but it’s powerful ammunition, so volatile that an innocent Erickson would want to go public immediately to offer a specific defense. Instead, he and his campaign hunkered down Tuesday, not returning phone calls but sending out an e-mail statement blasting Mannix’s “smear tactics” while offering no specific denial of his charges.

Mannix met with The Oregonian’s editorial board Tuesday to explain how he vetted the allegations and why he circulated them. He also made a strong case for why he considers Erickson to be a “political sociopath.” Erickson’s response to the allegations has gone through several iterations, including flat denial, and he did not respond Tuesday to repeated invitations to speak with the editorial board.

Indeed, Erickson has put out campaign materials that appear to have misrepresented his employment history and political endorsements. Oregon Right to Life, for example, has endorsed Mannix in this race, yet some of Erickson’s campaign literature makes it seem as though he is the group’s favored candidate.

Then there’s the cloud over Erickson’s political past. He was disqualified as Portland State University student body president during the 1987-88 school year when the student constitution committee found that he altered a letter written by then Gov. Neil Goldschmidt to make it appear as an endorsement. In a failed bid for the Oregon House in 1988, Erickson did a similar thing with a letter from then Sen. Mark Hatfield.

“Political sociopath” is an awfully harsh label, but it’s going to stick on Erickson unless he goes public, and soon, with a convincing case that the Mannix allegations are unfounded.

MY favorite political video of the season (so far)

May 13th, 2008

Hoooooooooo-whee, this cracked me up.

(Steve’s favorite is pretty funny, too.)

everyone’s got an opinion

May 13th, 2008

here are mine, for today:

* Mike Erickson is a jerk. We went to college together (PSU) and not surprisingly, he was a jerk in college, too! Way to go, Mike. Let’s hear it for the boy.

* We have a new expression in our house: “shovel-worthy.” (Like sponge-worthy, only not.) Is someone worthy of being smacked in the head with a shovel? Then they’re shovel-worthy. Several people come to mind. No, I won’t share names. OK, just 2,330 and that is all. That covers all the robots who sent me junk mail yesterday via the Internet. No, I don’t want to buy your watches, Viagra or porno videos you made of me. Because why? Don’t need ’em. Thanks, though! And no, I don’t want to “get ready for sex in 15 minutes!” I have to go to work. (Here’s a smack with a shovel, at all your virtual skulls.)

* I’ll be glad when the election is over.

* Go, Obama!

* No, I don’t hate women. I just do not care for Mrs. Clinton or Monica’s boyfriend.

* My kids like to stay awake all night. They should sleep at night.

* We all need more sleep around here. And exercise. And vegetables. Other than that, we’re good. (Our new babysitter: “Don’t offer anything but fruit and vegetables. They’ll eat them, eventually. Believe me.” Me: Why are babysitters always so damn smart?)

* I’ve met about fifteen awesome new women lately, including the eleven I played bunco with on Friday. I do not have extra time to spend with any of them. Not even for coffee dates. This bums me out.

* The Interstate Farmers Market opens tomorrow. “The Underscore Orkestra, playing a mix of Klezmer, Balkan, Gypsy Jazz and Swing Music” will “set the mood for a fun and yummy summer!” Well, alrighty then! If you live in the neighborhood, go for me, would you? I have four meetings.

* Four. And none of them start ’til 5 p.m. That’s about three too many. No, it’s about four too many.

* That’s just my opinion. You? Happy Tuesday, y’all.



What was it the Trib president called us?

May 11th, 2008

Aw, Steve Clark, you shouldn’t have!

On the Portland Trib dropping to one edition per week:

“We fully expect that there will be those who will criticize our strategy. Through the years, we have routinely been scorned by some, including bloggers who are prone to vitriolic negativity.”

Vitriolic negativity? We are playful around here. C’mon, Steve. We’re just clowning around. (Mostly not for Jesus.) And making fun of the local politicos. And tucking our children away in large wooden shoes. Are we pillars of society? Please discuss amongst yourselves. I have no opinion on that one way or the other, but you know. The devil does make work for idle hands.

Just think, if you were a blogger, you could have just called us all “douches” and moved along to your next post.




May 11th, 2008

To all the Ladeees…

Happy, happy, happiest Mother’s Day to you all.



come on Eileen

May 8th, 2008

Still stuck in the ’80s over here. It’s my new comfort zone apparently. I’m all better, recovered from surgery, feeling okay. Now Wacky Girl has a cold, fever, sore throat and wants to throw things around the room. She’s learned from the best, I guess.

Off to do yoga, vacuum, watch more videos and placate my sweet daughter.



ps — who can live without a little Ebn Ozn?

qotd: Lillian Hellman

May 7th, 2008

“Since when do we have to agree with people to defend them from injustice?”

— Lillian Hellman, playwright (1905-1984)

no homeschooling here, thanks

May 7th, 2008

You know why I love my children’s teachers? They are smarter than I am. Yes, sir. They truly are. And as a mom who loves the hours between 8:45 and 3 p.m., I really liked this post. Bring on the free cheese.

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