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What’s on My Nightstand, Tuesday afternoon edition: “7 Ate 9: The Untold Story,” by Tara Lazar & Ross MacDonald; “Welcome to Wonderland #1: Home Sweet Motel” & “Welcome to Wonderland #2: Beach Party Surf Monkey” by Chris Grabenstein & Brooke Allen

June 13th, 2017

I’ve been reading a lot, but not writing a lot, lol. All good! Hope you’re enjoying whatever you’re reading, wherever you’re reading it.



Here is this week’s round-up:

“7 Ate 9: The Untold Story” (Disney-Hyperion, 2017, $13.99). When you have a cousin named Seven, you learn pretty quickly to forget about telling the old joke, Why is six scared of seven? Cuz 7 ate 9! (Get it? Cuz? My cousin 7.) Yeah, that got old fast. Also, my auntie told me, Knock it off! when I’d call their house and ask, Seven up? Lol.

Yeah, it’s the truth. I’m easily entertained. The kids, too, will be entertained by this new children’s book. It’s a little noir-ish — Private “I” investigates when 6 rushes in, his pants scared off of him, because 7 is coming to get him. Sweet drawings, funny story, and it will engage the grown-ups and the kidlets.

“Welcome to Wonderland #1: Home Sweet Motel” & “Welcome to Wonderland #2: Beach Party Surf Monkey,” by Chris Grabenstein, illustrated by Brooke Allen, Random House 2016 & 2017, 284 pages & 300 pages, respectively, books priced at $13.99 each). I’m liking this new series, which is aimed at young adult readers. I know the school librarians will like the hard-bound paperback format, too. P.T. (named for Barnum) Wilkie, and his better-half sidekick, Gloria Ortega, are up for any challenges that come their way. First up: try to save the family business, a beat-up beach motel and amusement park, that P.T.’s grandpa started in Florida.

Can they do it?

In the second book of the series, teen idols and a monkey (who happens to be a YouTube sensation) visit St. Pete Beach, Florida. Hijinks? I’m guessing… yes!

Grabenstein (who writes the Mr. Lemoncello and I Funny books, as well) is always fun to read. I love that his books grab (I really am the queen of bad puns today, ouch) the struggling readers, and the kids who are reading well.

All for now, ciao!