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things i’ll miss

July 31st, 2007

I’ll miss it when Wacky Boy stops saying, “Awwight” and “dese and dose.”

Alright? He’s getting so big — he starts kindergarten in just a little over a month from now!

Dose will be happy days for him, and weepy days for me. Until I realize I have my days free. What? Coffee dates? Uninterrupted blocks of time to write? Lunch with my husband? What?


The Motherhood

July 30th, 2007

New website I just heard about.

we have new neighbors

July 30th, 2007

Overheard in my backyard, just now — someone talking to a kid from one of the neighbor’s yards:

“Damn. Stop, OK. OK? Shit. You share with your damn sister. Bitch.”

(Please let him have been talking to a dog, not a kid. A female dog.)

(No, it’s not “enough” to call child welfare.)

“Shut the f@&! Up!!!!!!!!!!!!”

July 30th, 2007

From Overheard in PDX:


Little girl in a stroller about 2 1/2, speaking to caretaker:
“Shut the fuck up.”

Caretaker (laughing a bit):
“Hey. I love you”

Little girl:
“Shut the fuck up, shut the FUCK up, shut the FUCK up.” (laughing)

Caretaker (to horrified passengers):
“Oh, ha ha she learned that in daycare. We just ignore it. ”

Little girl (leaning over in stroller and spitting several times on the floor):
“Shut the FUCK up. Shut the FUCK up, Shut the FUCK up”. (Spits on the floor a few more times before continuing her mantra.)

Caretaker: (Calling the father of this child on her cell phone):
“Yeah, she’s saying shut the “F” up, you know, in that cute little voice of hers.”

– Eastbound MAX on way home from work 7/25/07

— Overheard by Dyana, who writes:
(At this point, I am waiting for the girl’s head to rotate 360, and for her to puke pea soup.)

Wacky Mommy says: People, “No” is a complete sentence. Say “no” to children like this. Do not say they have a “cute little voice.” Do not just ignore the behavior. Do not laugh and giggle. Do not say “Gentle!” over and over until I am tempted to throw something at you. Say “no” and head for home.

what’s up, Internet?

July 30th, 2007

So. If you went, how was Blogher?

More Flickr: The Dogs of Portland, A Series

July 29th, 2007

I’ve started a new series: The Dogs of Portland.

The Dogs of Portland: A Series

Just fyi. Because I know how much you love dogs, Internet.

(PS — I’m going to get business cards printed, and hand them out when I take photos of dogs. So if you see your crazy dog here, leave a note in comments. thankyouverymuch.)


July 28th, 2007

My post is up over at Grasshopper New Media. Leave a comment, eh?



me and Flickr and my surly, snarling children

July 26th, 2007

Did you ever think about going over and looking at my Flickr pictures? That aren’t even mine they’re my husband’s? (Some of them are mine. Just not all of them.)

“Did you ever hear of the Napoleonic code, Stella? Now just let me enlighten you on a point or two. Now, we got here in the state of Louisiana what’s known as the Napoleonic code. You see, now according to that, what belongs to the wife belongs to the husband also, and vice versa. It looks to me like you’ve been swindled, baby.” — Stanley Kowalski, “A Streetcar Named Desire.” (more…)

Writin’ and Hoppin’ Around

July 26th, 2007

Starting this weekend, I’ll be a weekly contributor over at Grasshopper New Media.


So if you haven’t roamed around the site, take a look at their contributors and what they’ve got going.

Happy Thursday, y’all.


Thursday Thirteen #103: 13 of My Favorite Things on a Hot Summer Night

July 25th, 2007

Thirteen, how I love you.

I love these hot summer nights, too. Especially:

13) Cool, crisp, clean sheets on the bed after a

12) Cool shower

11) Ice cream in the yard

10) Watering the vegetable garden and hanging flower baskets last thing at night so I don’t have to water first thing in the morning

9) Smelling the night-blooming jasmine that has taken over my fence

8) Watching my kids splash in their wading pool

7) Writing in my journal in the yard

6) Croquet!

5) Badminton!

4) Hanging the laundry out on the line and it’s dry by the morning

3) Getting the kids to bed and staying up late, drinking gin and tonics and playing cards with my husband (Pounce! aka Nerts!)

2) Listening to all the night noises — crazy howling cats, neighbors out for midnight walks, all of the sounds that are missing or muffled during the winter

1) Crickets

(Edited Thursday morning to say: How cool is that — I have Meatloaf ringtones on Google ads over there! Go click my ads, I (heart) Google money. I was singing “Hot Summer Night” in the shower last night, after writing this post. Heh heh. Thank you for all the comments — you guys are the best readers ever.)

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