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December 20th, 2009

“Virtue is performance,” I said to Danielle Westerman on Wednesday when we had lunch in her sunroom. “A form of acting. Someone said something like that, but I can’t remember who.”
“Yeats, I think,” she said dreamily, stretching in her chair.
“Yes, Yeats.”

— “Unless,” Carol Shields


December 20th, 2009

Lovely blog.

The Tangled Nest

did i mention that i’m alive?

December 18th, 2009

i am. surgery was Wednesday. i’m battered and bruised but alive and happy to be home.

thanks for the concern, e-mails, calls… y’all are very sweet. i appreciate it.

goodbye, uterus, you were worthless. “Spongy uterus,” polyps and fibroids were “official” diagnosis.

kinda funny that word of the day was “pother,” ie:



noun: 1. A commotion or fuss. 2. Mental turmoil. 3. A smothering cloud of dust or smoke.
verb tr.: To confuse or worry someone.
verb intr.: To worry or fuss.

Of unknown origin.

Heat Miser vs. Snow Miser

December 17th, 2009

Recipe Club: Candy Cane Cookies

December 16th, 2009

Candy Cane Cookies

1 cup sugar
1 cup butter or margarine, softened
1/2 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon peppermint extract
1 egg
3 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon red food color
2 tablespoons finely crushed peppermint candies
2 tablespoons sugar

1. Stir together 1 cup sugar, the butter, milk, vanilla, peppermint extract and egg in large bowl. Stir in flour, baking powder and salt. Divide dough in half. Stir food color into 1 half. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours.

2. Heat oven to 375ºF.

3. Stir together peppermint candy and 2 tablespoon sugar; set aside.

4. For each candy cane, shape 1 rounded teaspoon dough from each half into 4-inch rope by rolling back and forth on floured surface. Place 1 red and white rope side by side; press together lightly and twist. Place on ungreased cookie sheet; curve top of cookie down to form handle of cane.

5. Bake 9 to 12 minutes or until set and very light brown. Immediately sprinkle candy mixture over cookies. Remove from cookie sheet to wire rack. Cool completely, about 30 minutes.

Bon appetit!

happy, happy, happy girls

December 15th, 2009

“It’s me, Buddy!”

December 13th, 2009

big congrats to my gorgeous sister and the red-headed guy from Texas

December 12th, 2009

the wedding was today and it was just perfect. lovely, flawless, no snow, no ice (except in the drinks), lots of cupcakes, yummy food, great company, love and hugs and kisses.

steve married them, how funny is that? he’s Universe Life Church certified, who knew? (he did.) (i am, too. i sent away the form in the back of Rolling Stone magazine when i was 16. but i was the matron of honor and couldn’t very well officiate, too, y’know? hahaha.)

i’m feeling kinda weepy and wistful and excited, all at once. really special day.

best wishes to both of you, today and always.

— nancy

“are you out here for a reason, or are you just avoiding the family?”

December 12th, 2009

thanks for the smiles, Nan

December 11th, 2009

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