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Spring Musings

March 12th, 2005

Wacky Mommy A wrote in, waxing philosophical — here is her essay. Interesting reading…

Religion–March 12, 2005


“I was wandering around the house, doing a bit of Saturday cleaning, feeling joyful because the sunlight was streaming through the windows and children were laughing in another room. The sunlight and good cheer made chores a pleasure for a change. Getting lost in my thoughts, considering changes of spring and renewal I started thinking about Easter.

Easter is a holiday that I can get behind, not in the Christian way but in what it represents; newness, rebirth, the promise of life after the winter. The stream of consciousness went down the path of Church. Is my family going to Church on the upcoming Easter? My husband’s parents would like that. My grandma would like that, so would some of my aunts and uncles. But would I like that? Would I be going because it’s good for my family, good for me, for my “salvation”? No. If we went to Church it would be to please the family members.



March 10th, 2005

It’s almost time for the Friday Advice Column. Questions?

No time to blog — off to a v. important PTA meeting. OK, i have a
question for you all — why the hell can’t we drink at public school
PTA meetings? It seems only fair.




March 7th, 2005

A mommy writes and asks:

“Does anyone have suggestions on helpful books, websites, ideas, etc. to help parents ease into the ‘tween transistion?”

(For those of you who don’t know, ‘tween refers to “between little kid
and teenager,” ie hormones can be raging, along with mood swings, etc.
Wanting to snuggle, but wanting to seem “cool,” all that.)


I like the Family Fun website, they’ve got some good ideas for all
ages. At our school they’re big on having the older kids mentor the
younger kids — is she doing any kind of “big sister” stuff, with maybe
Girl Scouts or school? It helps boost their confidence, at a time when
they’re maybe feeling a little unsteady.

And keep her as busy as possible, cuz you know this is the age when
they want to “impress” their friends by doing exceptionally wacky

Monday Morning Coming Down

March 7th, 2005

Hey everyone,

Hope your weekends went well. We’re all fine over here, in spite of allergies, asthma attacks, runny noses and all that.

Read the “Recent Comments” section if you have a chance. Lots of questions. If you have any suggestions, post away.

Off to do yoga — buh-bye….


Clingy Baby

March 5th, 2005

Dear Wacky Mommy,

Wow, Wacky Mommy’s life is so much more entertaining than mine–I thought the fulltime working mommys were supposed to have the most fascinating lives…maybe if you’re an architect mommy or a doctor mommy, but a clerical mommy? I don’t think so! I am actually trying to ask for advice but not sure of the protocol. What I want to know is what does it mean when your 22 almost 23-month-old is suddenly very clingy, whiney, wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME and he’s not sick, doesn’t appear to be teething (he looks like he has all his teeth, but what do I know?) I am worried he’s been through some kind of trauma and is regressing, but can’t think of anything traumatic he’s been through lately. Probably being almost 2 is traumatic enough in itself. Anyway, help, Wacky Mommy!


No Idea


Advice for Neurotic Mothers and Others

March 4th, 2005

Welcome to the Friday Advice Column for Neurotic Mothers and Others:

Q: What do you tell your five-year-old son (who loves to make things
from household items) when he finds some tampons (good rocketship
material) and wants to know what they are (I simply said “Tampons”) but
more importantly wants to know what they are for?

A: What a resourceful kid! I’d congratulate him, first, on being so
creative. If he’s asking questions, give him some answers. “They’re for
my period. That’s when women bleed once a month, if they’re not having
a baby. Girls use tampons and pads for the blood.” I usually explain
privacy issues to my kids, too, ie — “We don’t need to talk about this
with other kids or grown-ups, it’s private.”

Then take the tampon from him, go find your husband’s athletic cup (a
clean one, of course) and give him that to play with, instead. It makes
a great drum.


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