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Friday Advice Column

April 1st, 2005

Friday Advice Column for Neurotic Mothers and Others:

Today it’s Wacky Mommy’s turn to ask for advice:

How do I find inner peace and tranquility, or at the very least keep up with the laundry?

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  1. Mommy Rox says

    Ooooh, tough one! I have a few ideas, but I’m not saying they are helpful.
    1. Act extremely overwhelmed and maybe (in some other world) someone will take over and do your all your laundry for you. A co-worker of mine does all the laundry for her son and lazy-ass *welfare mom of 3.5 boys (yes pregnant again at the age of 20). It’s easy to have everthing done for you if you only act stupid and helpless enough.
    2. Change you mother-in-law to a sweet Phillipino woman who can’t stand dirt. Another co-worker married a Phillipino man whose mom is Wonder Mom. She watches the kids while co-worker and hubby are at work. Then . . . she cleans their house, does sewing and mending, all of the dishes and all the laundry of course. Then she irons EVERYTHING, even underwear! My co-worker has begged her to stop because she feels guilty about all the work that sweet MIL does. I want to borrow that woman at least for one day a week!
    3. This is a bit risky, but worth a try. Ask hubby to help. Teach daughter to help. This can work if you separate the clothing into different baskets; darks, brights, whites and LEAVE FOR MOM! Instruct WD and WH to use only cold water. For WD, mark the settings on the washer so it’s easy to figure out. The “leave for mom basket” would hold all the delicates, things that fade, heavily stained or soiled and any special items that you don’t want accidentally ruined. The dryer may prove to be a little more difficult if you use multiple settings. If not, mark the setting that you use for WD.
    It is really amazing what kids can do to help. The novelty of this newfound “adult” responsibility can wear off quickly, however. So, if you can find a way to keep it exciting you may possibly have a large amount of help with this not-so-fun chore.
    As far as peace and tranquility . . . if you figure that one out, please let me know. We could all use more of that!
    *I apologize for using this negative sterotype. Unfortunately, it describes this girl to a T. What I mean is that she thinks: the world owes her a living; she doesn’t need to finish school; she doesn’t need to use birth control; she’ll keep popping out babies until she gets the girl she wants; this is all just fine and dandy!

    April 2nd, 2005 | #

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