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National TV Turn-Off and Freak-Out Week

April 22nd, 2005

Yes, all four of us are participating in National TV Turn-Off Week, April 25-May 1. Exactly at the moment I started writing this, the doorbell rang.

“Hi, I’m Ryan from Dish Network.”

“You know about us?” he asked. I was in my robe. My hair, as usual, looked like the Tasmanian Devil with dreadlocks. “You know about us?” I wanted to respond.

“We don’t even have a TV!” I told him, hoping he wouldn’t hear “Sesame Street” blaring from the office.

“Oh. No connection then?” he asked as he left the porch. He didn’t even say adieu! Was it the hair? Wait, I think it’s a sign! We’re not supposed to do TV Turn-Off Week, we’re supposed to get a satellite dish! Come back! Shit. He already drove away.

Dang. I never have been good at roadsigns.

No Sawyer? No update on the kidnapping of Michael Corinthos Jr. on “General Hospital”? They just got a new Carly — what if she blows her lines or something? I LOVE when a new actor starts on a soap, replacing an existing character. (“The part of Carly Corinthos is now being played by…” whatever her name is. At least she’s not as skinny as the old Carly. Original Carly is still my favorite. Yes, I wanted to name the kids Carly and Jason, but WD put his hockey skate down.)

What the hell was I thinking? OK, I’ll keep you posted. It’s not like I’ll be doing anything else.

For more info, check http://www.tvturnoff.org/index.html


  1. Roxie says

    We too, will be participating in the No TV for a Week (really it’s only 5 days, but I’m gonna lie and say it’s a week). This should be easy for me and #1 son, because we don’t watch that much. But the other boyos? Well, it should be interesting to watch. We did this last year and before the week was over kids forgot we had a tv. That was nice! I think that I am going to suggest a list of alternative activities like music night, kids make dinner (and clean up) night, game night, and whatever else my family may think of. That might even make this next week exciting!!!

    April 23rd, 2005 | #

  2. Wacky Mommy says

    Oh, cool ideas, I like ’em.

    We had a picnic outside the other day and the kids thought that was totally fun. What I’m loving most about this age is how if you do something once, it becomes “tradition.” And how everything even slightly out of the ordinary delights them.

    WB asked me the other day, “Do you remember that time we eated in the back of Daddy’s truck?” I do. Cuz he mentions it about four times a week! It was last summer, the kids were having a hard time, so we took a couple of blankets and put them in the bed of the truck and lunched al fresco, while we watched two of our neighbors remodel their houses, and one of the neighbors hang out her laundry.

    She apologized, and said, “This isn’t very exciting, I’m afraid,” and smiled at us.

    I was all, “That’s the most exciting thing that’s happened all day!” and the kids were all, “YEAH!” like she was a celebrity. She probably thinks we’re goofy, but who cares?

    That’s happiness, days like those.

    April 23rd, 2005 | #

  3. Wacky Mommy says

    THIS IS LOUD! Be prepared. WB and WG think it’s a riot.


    April 23rd, 2005 | #

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