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April 23rd, 2005

WG sez she’s old enough to have her own blog. I said no, she isn’t. But I will share this one with her. “But you WILL let me have my own!”

No, I won’t. So what has our own WG been up to lately?

WG: I have two grown-up teeth growing in. They are big. What? Can I write on there?

(At this point she wanted me to teach her to type. I am grouchy and do not feel like playing typing teacher. But I will play secretary, briefly. So…)

WG: I went to a birthday party yesterday. It was for T from my class. We went bowling. I bowled. (She had a good game, she sez. I wasn’t there so I wouldn’t know — she went with two of her other buddies from class. I’m assuming it was bumper bowling. They have arcade games there, but I forgot to send quarters with her so she didn’t play.)

WM: Did you care that I didn’t send quarters with you to play arcade games?

WG: I did not care.

WM: Was the cake good?

WG: The cake was good. It was funilla and chocolate, with a baseball glove and a baseball on it, for decorations. (WM: It was from Costco. I love Costco cakes, do you? I love Costco.) I had two pieces. They did not have ice cream. We did have Sprite. For goody bags — candy, a car, party favors, that’s all. And, like, hmmm. A pen. Like a pen you write with.

WM: Did everyone from your class show up? (They were all invited. Everyone from her class — every single kid — invites every single other kid from the class for their birthday parties. Plus family, plus “outside” friends. They are all insane. Do they care when I tell them so? No, they think it’s funny. They are all happy and perky and I am grouchy. I guess it’s why we all get along so famously. We really do, it’s a trip. It is a blessing. Back to this “inviting 30 kids to everything.” Yes, I tried it last year, for both kids’ parties, and it was a freaking nightmare. Is there no moderation in this world today? I am the only one grouchy over this, by the by; everyone else seems to think it’s an awesome idea. I am so blissed out that B, one of the dads, took WG and his twins to this gig so I didn’t have to. I also have a sore throat and stupid g.d. cough again, thus the grouchiness is exacerbated. Is that the right word? Don’t care. Coughs and sore throats for me usually turn into bronchitis. So I really wasn’t up to it, mentally or healthwise. B is an angel. If his wife is reading this, plz tell him thanks, again.)

WG: No. Not everyone from my class showed up. Most of them showed up. Maybe three other kids were missing. But now can you write — There are 17 kids in my class. No, 19. So that would mean (we counted this one out together) 16 kids. (WM: Plus the extras — T’s mom, who just rocks and is so mellow all the time — is a home daycare provider, too. God love her for this. The girl is tall and blonde and funny and rarely raises her voice, much less yells at the kids.)

WM: Did T open his presents there? What did he get?

WG: Yes. He got lots of art supplies. (WM: We gave him a wooden model of Godzilla earlier in the week.) I can’t remember anything else!

WM: What’s your idea of the perfect birthday party?

WG: E’s was perfect. Because I think only girls were there. And T. I dunno.

okay that’s it from us — ttfn…


  1. Mommy Heather says

    Wacky Girl: That sounds like a really fun party! You are a better blogger than a lot of adults that I read. I love to invite lots and lots of kids to birthday parties. Then, when we have the party, I wonder, why did we invite so many kids??? That cake must have been yummy if you had two pieces. Cake and bowling is a good way to spend a day!

    Wacky Mom- I love Costco but not the frosting they put on their cakes. I love Mama Roxy’s rowdyass husband’s desserts. He is a gourmet dessert maker. I highly recommend you get yourself invited over when he’s baking, lol.

    I got your message and I am checking some stuff out for you, because I could not find the listing online for the particular thing I thought you would be most interested in. More about that in an email to follow!

    April 26th, 2005 | #

  2. Wacky Mommy says

    Mama Roxy’s banana cake!!!!! That’s the ticket, right there. WD made a chocolate chip pound cake for WB’s birthday it was oh so good, especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. The chocolate chips melted into one big layer of chocolate crispiness. He frosted in with funilla on the inside, chocolate on the outside, and decorated with tiny trucks.

    My specialty is Chocolate Pudding Cake. I’ll post the recipe later — off to do yoga.

    (My new favorite site, by the way, is Bitch, Ph.D. It’s intriguing.)

    (thanks Mama Heather for the message… you are too kind.)

    April 26th, 2005 | #

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