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Banner Day

May 4th, 2005

absolutely stellar day for WG, who received, in order:

1) a certificate, blank journal and crayons from school, for SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETING A WHOLE WEEK OF NO TV!!! (a side note — now that we’ve had no TV for awhile, when we do watch an hour — or two, let’s be honest here — THE KIDS ARE GROUCHY AS HELL WHEN I TURN OFF THE TUBE. So we’re trying to stick with no TV. Although I will be watching “Lost” tonight, don’t get me wrong. I (heart) Sawyer. “Don’t get me started! I like ’em scruffy, too!” as my friend Wacky M said. But she likes Naveen Andrews (Sayid) even more…) Back to Wacky Girl, and her day of prizes…

2) a certificate from LeVar Burton for sending in a story to the PBS Young Writers & Illustrators Contest (I (heart) LeVar. WM. Is it spring or what? Good Lord.)

3) a poster with stickies slapped all over it — her critique for the artwork she submitted for last week’s Talent Show at school. “Nice colors!” “Cool, girl!” etc. Totally love our school.

All in all, a great day.



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