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“If a meat eater comes after you, you’re on your own”

May 9th, 2005

Yes, that was the advice my 3-year-old gave me today: “If a meat eater comes after you, you’re on your own, Mommy.”

Then his sister chanted it after him, “You’re on your own if a meat eater comes after you.”

They are obsessed with dinosaur books and movies, these two. Especially Wacky Boy. He loves the gory, disgusting books best — the ones with a picture of a large T-Rex, holding a bloody portion of a plant eater’s leg in his mouth.

“He’s dead,” WB tells me, matter of fact. “That one.” (He points to the dismembered leg, in case I was confused as to which was which.) “That guy is dead.”

I sneak the books — all three or four of them — into the library bag, return them when he’s looking the other direction once we get to the library. And what does he want to pick out, again? Another dino book. I’ve been limiting him to one per trip (so how do we end up with three or four every week at home? I have no idea). He can check out as many other kid books as he wants, but is usually happy with just the one dino book.

I’m glad he likes to be read to, of course. No matter what the content. Dave Barry (I think it was) had a theory that the reason kids love dinos so much is because dinosaurs are bigger than parents — and they’re extinct.

Makes sense.


Quote of the day:

“Too much sanity may be madness. And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be!”
-Miguel de Cervantes, writer (1547-1616)

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