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May 16th, 2005

“The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.”
— Frances Willard (1839-1898)

Check out this site:


I’ve been getting the non-fiction and fiction reads for a few months now — great way to preview a book.

Suzanne is a blogger, too. She lives in Florida and loves to garden. Funny girl, and she has lots of yummy recipes she shares with readers. (Along with her ups and downs — she just lost her mother, who I felt like I knew from reading her blog. She was a sweetheart.)

I’ve also started a file on the computer of stuff to get from the public library or video store. (We mostly put stuff on reserve at the library. We go to the video store a few times a year is all.) I split the list into non-fiction and fiction books, videos for grown-ups, videos for kids, etc.

Yes, I’m 601 (of 654) on the library reserve list for The Incredibles, but do I care? Not so much. I loved the movie, I saw it with the kids and they loved it, too. But we can wait until whenever to see it again. (The reserve list can take a day or several months. I’ve been on the list for the second season of Six Feet Under for, oh, A YEAR???? The anticipation is building…) The best part is, once the movie or book arrives, it’s yours for three weeks. (This is great news for me, as I am unable to stay awake during movies nowadays. It takes me usually three tries to get through a film.)

I’m in good shape for “The Language of Baklava,” by Diana Abu-Jaber. Have you read her? Great stuff. I am:

Active 56 of 123

So it shouldn’t be long now. They had several copies, I think.

But “Ocean’s Twelve”? That would be:

Active 296 of 478

George Clooney, catch you later. Much.

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