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July 14th, 2005

My new favorite thing to give to kids for a present: Comic books. PowerPuff Girls, the Incredibles, Scooby Doo — I do not care, as long as it’s cheap and it keeps ’em happy. Less than 10 bucks for two. Wrap a candy bar in with it and you’ve made someone’s day. My mom’s favorite thing when she was a kid was a Little LuLu comic book and a pack of M&Ms. Why mess with success?

The guy who owns Bridge City Comics (3725 N. Mississippi Ave., 503-282-5484) has a nice store with a kids’ section. It’s near the Blue Gardenia, in case you want a cuppa joe and a homemade hoho. And he’s nothing like Comic Bookstore Guy on “The Simpsons,” fyi. He just got married and is very proud of his new wife. Awwwww…… that’s sweet, huh? Also, he has the Sock Monkey series of kids’ books, which made me happy cuz my Wacky Sister loves her sock monkeys. So I bought her one.

There’s a pet supply store a couple doors down, so the pets won’t be left out of the goodies — Salty Dog. Lots of tricks and treats for the critters.


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