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Black Bean Soup

August 11th, 2005

Well. Job interview went superfine, but no offer… yet…

Keeping fingers crossed. Here’s another recipe.


An Unusually Quiet WM

Black Bean Soup

1 1/2 cans black beans
1 large can tomato sauce
1 small onion
5 cloves garlic
2 sticks celery
1 carrot
2 tblsp olive oil
2-4 tblsp soy sauce
2-4 tsp cajun/creole seasoning
water – at least one pint
pepper and salt

1. Chop onion and garlic
2. Saute onion and garlic with olive oil on a very low heat – cover pan
3. Chop celery and carrot into small chunks and add to onion and garlic.
Also add one tsp of cajun seasoning and mix well.
4. Cover and leave until onion becomes clear – stir occasionally
5. Take off heat and make a roux by adding flour to veggies until you
have thick paste. Then slowly add tomato paste
6. Add water, black beans and their juice, 2 tblsp soy sauce, salt and
7. Simmer for a while until beans are warm, then add more soy sauce or
cajun seasonings to your taste. Add water if soup seems too thick.


  1. Heather says

    Soup in this weather? We had re-fried bean tacos, prepared by 12-going-on-25 daughter. Um, interesting. She did put tomato and avacado, though, yum! She made a picnic for us and had it ready when I got home from work! Great kid. Then her friend called in tears because her parents were fighting, so L scrapped the picnic plan and invited friend and little brother over. Wow. They blow me away sometimes.

    I am so glad the interview went well! They are crazy if they don’t hire you. Is it a writing job? Hugs, Heather

    August 12th, 2005 | #

  2. Wacky Mommy says

    Miss H, that was real nice of you to play den mom. Lucky kids! My mom was den mother for all the neighborhood kids and they are devoted to her to this day. It pays off. They’ll call her before me!

    Yeah, it’s a writing and admin job, with “potential for growth.” (They always say this, don’t they :) Still no call, but soon…


    August 12th, 2005 | #

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