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September 1st, 2005

Wacky Sister and i have been stomachs-in-knots cuz our dear sweet friends C and R live outside of New Orleans and we know how bad it is there. No, we don’t, those of us who aren’t there. But we’ve heard, and we’ve seen pictures. R’s house on the lake is destroyed, C’s house (in Baton Rouge) has been without power. But the scariest news was that their mom, who lives in Gulfport, Miss., could not be located. But she found a friend who had cell service and she called and she is OK she is alive, thank God. Yay to moms!!!!!

R and her husband J have two sweet little girls and now no home. Their oldest daughter lost her three cats in the hurricane and is devastated. C has a sweet little boy, she is an awesome single mom in school to be a nurse (she’s just finishing up her studies) and she is helping everyone she can in Baton Rouge. The sisters and family are bunking at their dad’s. Wacky Sis and I are putting together a fund for them — we’re thinking big, fat, Target giftcards so they can try to replace some of their stuff and cover expenses. If you’d like to help, send me an e-mail and we’ll figure it out.

good thoughts to our friends and family in that area.



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