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Diary from Louisiana 2

September 2nd, 2005

(We received this in the afternoon of Sept. 1)

J and WM,

Hey — my mom is OK. One of her friends had cell service and she called this morning. They are without power & communications but are alive and well. It is expected that my sister’s house is completely destroyed and the cats are dead, but we are still hopeful. Any word on J? The criminals that had the ability to leave N.O. are now bum rushing and robbing accross town. Rescue efforts have been thwarted by people trying to shoot down and rob rescue helicopters.

Those people are being left behind in order to rescue others. My brother-in-law met a rescue worker who is traumatized by his experiences. He says the news is not telling things the way they really are. Dead bodies everywhere and the remaining people in the projects feel that “the man” wrecked the levee in order to drown them all. It’s really just awful down here and the heat is not helping!

My house lost power so I’m living at dad’s with the rest of the N.O. refugees. We are hanging in there and finding out my mom is OK really lifted my heavy heart. But Mississippi is in lock-down so we can’t do anything for her. More later,



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