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Diary from Louisiana 4

September 2nd, 2005

Message from C from morning of Friday, Sept. 1:

Hey, thanks for all the good mojo. I’m heading out to help. My sister’s house is (was) in New Orleans, in lake view where the levee broke. Satellite images look like her house is practically submerged. It’s falling apart here fast.

CNN articles are reporting the raping and murdering of children in the convention center down there. It’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen.

My sister’s whole existence (and possibly her three cats) is buried under sewage/chemical/decaying body water. But she and her family are alive. I feel rather helpless. I’m hoping things will improve but I know the whole mess isn’t over at all. Thanks so much for y’all’s support. My mom’s house is actually fine. The neighbors on the end street got hit by a tornado and roofs went everywhere. FEMA and the rest have been standing around with theirs heads up theirs asses and babies are dying for it. I have no faith left in this. It’s all been too little too late for these people and i’m heartbroken.

More from the desperate south later.



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