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staying home

September 6th, 2005

from WM:

staying home today, not going to fountain, not going to park, not going out for Last-Day-Of-Summer-Before-School-Starts-Tomorrow celebration lunch cuz Wacky Girl is morose and weepy. She is the youngest in her class. And the smartest, according to her. (And me :)

“So I guess I’ll just be the youngest, and the smartest, all year,” she said, huddled in lump in corner of kitchen, crying, in between chewing on a zucchini muffin top.

Then she came up with a plan: Flunk first grade. “It’ll be harder than kindergarten!” she said. And brightened up at the possibility of having to re-do first grade, thus being one of the oldest, next year. Good to have goals, i guess.

I’m morose and weepy still over flooding, and everyone uprooted or worse. Prayers and more prayers and off to light my candles.

Help however you can — lots of clothing drives, food drives and fundraisers going on around the country. Sean Penn took a boat around to pick up survivors. Harry Connick Jr. and Sean Penn need to run for president and vice-president.

lots of love,


ps I quit my new job. Just. Like. That. Turns out they didn’t want someone part-time. Well, they wanted to pay for part-time, but have them there full-time, Mon-Fri. It just wasn’t swinging for me. You know what they say in Texas — Que sara, sara.


  1. Roxie says

    You go, Mommy! Your kids need and appreciate you way more than those stinkin’ assholes do! By lying to you right from the get-go they shouldn’t have expected you to stay anyway. Beside that, the company wasn’t up to your caliber anyway. You’ve got way more going on than they know what to do with!!!
    I am glad for purely selfish reasons. I get to see my WM friend more often. With the kids back in school we will be able to meet for coffee!
    WG will love school this year, she just needs to grouse a little. It’s a girl thing!!!

    September 6th, 2005 | #

  2. Wacky Mommy says

    “…and none of my friends are in my class,” according to WG, “NONE!”

    (and thank you for the kind note. I feel like a loser, but y’know, it always goes back to the whole family unit and what works best for all of us.)


    September 6th, 2005 | #

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