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September 15th, 2005

“Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary.”
— Mark Twain

More later — am on Crazy Soccer & Eating Schedule that makes it impossible for us to get to bed at a reasonable hour and has left me and the kids snarling, sleepy and hungry. And ill-clothed. Sometimes when a woman wears a black push-up bra under her husband’s Bad Monkey T-shirt to soccer practice, it isn’t in an attempt to be sexy (ha!). A la Kelly Lynch in “Drugstore Cowboy,” wearing a black bra under a white lacy top, for example.

No, it’s because WM has only two brassieres (a bre, my Auntie H calls it) and can’t find one of them. I am so freaking tired and dehydrated. Thus I will drink more coffee. I may work out this morning. I will rehydrate in pool. I will ignore Skeezy Hot Tub Guys who stare at the women in water aerobics.

Coach Wacky Daddy is on sked, as always. I will attempt to follow his lead. Wacky Girl is peeved cuz she doesn’t get to sit with the second-graders at lunchtime. “They made us sit with the kinders!” Oh, the indignity of public schools.



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