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Top Ten Things I Love About Hockey Night

October 9th, 2005

“…if it hadn’t been/
for Cotton Eyed Joe/
i’d have been married/
a long time ago/
where did you come from/
where did you go/
where did you come from/
Cotton Eyed Joe…”

10. When they play “Cotton Eyed Joe” and everyone stomps their feet

9. One word: Mullet Night

8. Beer at the games is too expensive, so we have to get likkered up at the tavern before we go

7. When the Winterhawks win. Duh.

6. One more word: Five-Minute-Four-on-Four-Sudden-Death-Overtime

5. Season tickets!!!!! (If we had them, which we don’t.)

4. Hockey = Happy Wacky Daddy

3. Taco Bell Dance for Your Dinner Booty Shakers

2. No driving drunk, cuz we take the train to get there!

1. My kid isn’t old enough yet to play

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