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Off to volunteer

October 13th, 2005

You know how many parents volunteer in Wacky Girl’s class, out of 28 kids? That’s right, just me. Freaking slackers. Like I want to go? No, I don’t. I’d rather watch last night’s episode of “Lost” again. (Rose… he’s alive!!!! But you knew that…) It’s raining again. I don’t even want to leave the house. Wacky Grandma has Wacky Boy today. The house is extremely quiet. I adore this.

Also, I just posted this on Amalah’s site (we were talking stretch marks).

Skin Cream Recipe for Pregnant and Post-Partum Girls

My husband, Wacky Daddy, made a nice skin cream for me (I used it throughout pregnancy and after) of 1 part cocoa butter and 2 parts coconut oil, and a small vial of Vit. E oil. I kept it in a peanut butter jar and it smelled yummy. I don’t know if it decreased the stretch marks and c-section scarring, but it made me not so itchy.

And more on my volunteer efforts (yes, that’s right, I’m kicking everyone’s ass on this today) — I just packed up about half my house and mailed it to my New Orleans friend R. Not literally half — I couldn’t figure out how to ship her our old high chair and crib, short of hiring a moving crew, but I sent her a bunch of toys, clothes, books, CDs, videos, kitchen stuff, spiral notebooks, yadda yadda. The post office gave me a discount for the boxes that were just books. Least they can do. I suggest you all do something similar. Send it c/o a friend, a relative, a friend of a friend, one of the shelters, Salvation Army, whatever. Call around and see if the Red Cross can take stuff there for you. The National Guard has been hauling backpacks with school supplies and distributing them. Call around and find out some options — It’s worth it. Send me an e if you get something going on, or just post.

Off to eat cafeteria lunch now — Terikyaki Beef Bites. Nummy! What would Emeril say?



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  1. zipdodah says

    WM you rock. You rock cuz you’re in there sloggin through the trenches of ‘volunteerism-itis.’
    I’m sloggin with ya. My experience last night with one in our group – let’s call em the ‘pool patrol.’ “Um, we were all talkin, some mothers and myself, and we like NEED to work in the office, like okay?!” And in my head I’m thinkin she’s really sayin to me….”Um, like I’m really really a BFcow and I have no control over my kids who are runnin in and out of the office screamin they want potato chips and pop out of the machine and I just need to be in control of everything BUT my kids…!”
    And Emeril would say……Teriyucki what? Give em all ice cream……!

    October 13th, 2005 | #

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