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Wacky Mommy is a Slut

November 16th, 2005

Note to self: Get ads on site, raise a little money, become a full-fledged slut and blog disclaimer.

To my Loyal Readers:

Just because there are ads for martini glasses, sex toys, multi-level marketing scams or whatever the hell else on this site does not mean Wacky Mommy endorses the product/scam in question.



PS — I will heartily endorse Music Together classes though — Wacky Boy loves them and I do, too. Thank you Wacky Neighbor S for recommending these.

Honestly? All the hippie-dippy Mommy & Me classes — blech, was what I was thinking for the first six years I had kids. I took Wacky Girl to a few and sat on the sidelines, scoffing at the mommies who were dancing and shaking their tambourines and being all… stupid. Cuz I thought I was sooooooooo cool, see? (No, not really. Have always been fully aware that I Am a Dork.)


My Wacky Neighbor S, she and G, her little adorable munchkin, were always running off to Music Together classes, laughing and singing, tra-la-la, and she’s so calm and friggin’ CENTERED all the time, whereas I am Major Stress Case all the time… and I finally checked one out. Next thing you know, I’m shaking my tambourine. They have REAL music teachers who actually know how to CARRY A TUNE and can PLAY GUITAR and the mommies, while mostly skinny and well-dressed, are pretty dang nice. (It’s a nationwide program, accredited and all that. Most classes meet once a week, quarterly, for 45 minutes.)

And WB adores the class. I mean, he lives for this class. We do a “Hello” song, then a bunch of others, like “Train is A-Comin’,” “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean,” “Open and Shut Them,” all the classics. Do little fingerplays, dance like maniacs, play bells, then do a big “Bongo Jam Session” with ALL the instruments, then WOOOOO-HOOOO, as E would say. (He’s one of the kids in the class — little redhead, totally adorable.) After that we take it down a notch, do a lullaby, sing the “Goodbye” song and leave, all full of love and bliss and harmony.

Look, if it can de-stress me, it can de-stress anyone.


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