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Letter from Mauritania

November 20th, 2005

A paragraph from an e-mail I just received from Wacky Mommy B in West Africa. She and her husband (they’re formerly from Oregon) are living there with their three children, experiencing the carefree life of living abroad, teaching English, taking photographs, and writing. I’ve decided I don’t mind the cool Oregon weather so much, after reading this.



“Well I�m tired. It�s hot. Did I mention the heat? It�s no longer the hot season — our house is no longer inundated with cockroaches (although we do have dragonflies now), and it cools off at night and the heat is drier so much more bearable. But today the sun was like a hammer. It was 104. Of course, it usually is, but today it was 104 for much longer, and the night is not bringing those cool ocean breezes mentioned in the brochure.”

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