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December 15th, 2005

An old friend of mine, who was something of a screw-up, worked at a place where they were all screw-ups. He fit right in. It may have been a papermill, I cannot recall. It was some big factory-type establishment, at any rate, with lots of big, limb-threatening equipment. Which makes this little anecdote all the creepier.

Their company motto: “We do it nice, cuz we do it twice.” Yes, that’s right. They re-did every single job they undertook cuz they just couldn’t get shit right the first time.

Today I can relate, cuz I just wrote this long, insightful blog about ALL THE COOL WOMEN ARTISTS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD and how they’ve inspired me and gotten my MOJO WORKING AGAIN and it’s sunny here WHICH IT NEVER IS IN PORTLAND THIS TIME OF YEAR and I lost it. The blog, not my mojo. And now I have to go because I do have a child here, and he occasionally needs attention. My whole life does not revolve around you, Wacky Readers. Damn. Damn. Damn. If only it did…

Here is the long/short:

Wacky Boy and I had a cool coffee date/impromptu playdate this a.m. at Madrona Hill Baking Co., 5937 N. Greeley Ave. The owner, Natasha, is about adorable and her little guy is, too. I had an apple/brie/ham croissant that was so delectable; WB was pleased with his ginormous cinnamon roll. Also, the latte gave me the shot in the arm I needed. Obviously. Since I’m going to the trouble to TYPE ALL THIS IN AGAIN. Fwaaaa. Then we went next door and talked art with the talented and creative Theresa De Puydt Johnson, who does oil and pencil portraits. Her stuff is so good — vibrant and beautiful and you really get a feel for the essence of her subjects. Their mojo, as it were.


I have admired her work whenever we’ve walked by, but today — there she was. Artist in the House. I want to have her do portraits of Wacky Boy in full hockey gear and Wacky Girl ice skating. She works mainly from photos, so you don’t have to get your wiggly lil four-year-old to hold still and pose. Her prices are extremely reasonable. Go by and talk with her, or take a look at her website. You can afford NetFlix and a big-ass TV, but you can’t afford art? Please. Hit up one of the grandparents. (I know, I know, I’m being completely contrary to Sunday’s Sensible Advice Column. It is my nature, you should know this about me by now.)

Wacky Mommy (hearts) artists, especially those in her own zip code.

Also, Jensine Larsen, the editor of World Pulse magazine, “Women & Children Transforming Our World,” is so hip. And she lives in my zip code, so I’m claiming her as North Portland Girl. Pick up a copy of her mag. Her site is http://worldpulsemagazine.com/. What do Ms. Larsen and Ms. Johnson have in common? If it were not for my extreme coffee addiction I would never have met them. I met Ms. Larsen at SohBet (“Coffehouse and Eclectic Market”), on North Killingsworth, just east of Greeley Ave. The owner? River’s mommy? Also an artist. Quite talented. Also she’s pretty, and her husband is a doll. V. glad to have the three of them in the neighborhood.

Also, the Wacky Knitters at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop are extremely creative and fun to hang out with. I do not knit, but I have heard tell. There is always a lot of action in that place.

Do you get the idea we’re all artisty types over here in the North Quadrant? Yes, we are. Try to keep up.

Feeling inspired, but must mother first. Then write. My girlfriend B just called to tell me, “It’s a wonderful life!” which is what she calls to tell me every year around the holidays.

She’s right. It is.

Much love,


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  1. Heather says

    Now that I think of it, my friends are artists of one kind or another…best friend Roxie is an awesome photographer and good at any craft she tries…her hubby is a stained glass and glass fusing artist…her mom is a water color artist (a really good one)…this Wacky Mommy chick I know is a great writer…and I never met a craft I didn’t like: knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, scrapbooks, etc. Maybe its in the water???

    December 16th, 2005 | #

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