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29 Things About the Wacky Children

December 26th, 2005

Our List:

1. I’m funny (Wacky Girl)

2. Wacky Boy likes to play

3. I’m 6 (WG)

4. I’m 3 1/2 (WB)

5. When he grows up, WB wants “Four dogs, two cats, and one rat.”

6. I want three kittens and that’s all (WG)

7. WB likes music, especially Music Together class and playing songs and instruments with Wacky Daddy

8. WG likes to play the game Mancala

9. and Trouble (which she got for Christmas)

10. WB is in Goldfish swimming classes

11. I’m in Penguins and next I’ll be in Otters (WG)

12. I like ice skating a lot — I’m in Beta (WG)

13. I don’t remember before WB was born, only kinda (WG)

14. At recess, my friends and I play jump rope, and I jump rope sometimes (WG)

15. and we play Duck, Duck, Goose and Foursquare

16. I’m in first grade (WG)

17. Here’s what you should know about first grade: We do really easy words. They’re easy if you’re in third grade, that is (WG)

18. WB likes trains

19. I know how to write (WG)

20. I’m writing a book called “The Four Monsters.”

21. I already wrote a book called The ABC Book and one about a little girl who has a very busy day

and now from their mom:

22. The kids’ favorite Christmas movies are “Elf,” A Christmas Story” and “The Grinch”

23. They want nothing to do with “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

24. We made them sit through it with us, anyway

25. I have an American Girl Doll now, that my uncle B got me for Christmas! She looks real. Her name is Molly McIntire (WG)

26. I like writing on Mommy’s blog (WG)

27. I love dogs and dinosaurs “…little bitty dinosaurs, tra la la” (WB)

28. “Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!” (WG & WB, singing together)

29. Yes, they love re-runs of Happy Days. And Brady Bunch (WM)

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