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Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Who’s Got the Mushrooms?

February 10th, 2006

Not us anymore! HA! I say HA to you mushrooms. Bastards. The contractors ripped off the bathroom wall, and while it was plenty wet, all the way into the office, which shares a wall with the bathroom, it is not a disaster. Knock wood. It drenched the carpet pad but somehow did not ruin the carpet? Fantastic. And there were no giant uber-mushrooms growing in the walls.

My imagination was running a little crazy-like, as Junie B. Jones would say, so it was a huge relief. I’d even had some trippin’ anxiety dreams, where everything was squooshy and soaked and Hideous Kinky. But fears were eased so there you go.

We now have the DriEaz Dehumidifier going in the bathroom (it has a tube that runs water out of it and into a drain in the sink. It makes it look like the bathroom is on life support. Which, I guess, it is). The Turbo Dryer Sahara Pro is going in the office, making the carpet lift up, settle down, lift up, settle down. Giving the office, too, the illusion of being in an oxygen tent or something, on life support. Couple more days of drying and we should be good.

Someday I will have a shower again. (The baths have been relaxing though. We do have a tub in our other bathroom. But I’m not much of a long bath type girl. I’m more a jumpy shower girl.) Then I’ll be able to wash my hair at home and not have to go to the neighborhood salon: “We use nasty chemicals here, so don’t let your preschoolers run around. Clients only, okay?” (That’s what the sign up front says.)

Do you ever wonder where my kids are when I blog? Usually here in the office, with me. But they can’t come back here cuz of the Turbo Dryer, so they’re banging on the door. “Come. Out. NOW!!! MOMMY!!!!!!” Gotta motor. One of ’em is screaming now.

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  1. HH says

    Hideous Kinky, indeed! I just watched that movie last night– really quite good! And the names… Bea, Lucy, Eva! Great music, too. Ahhh, and it brought back memories of hitchhiking with my dear old pop.
    I’ve kind of got a “Brazil” sort of image in my head, too, of your bathroom. Weird venting tubes going god knows where. Eh? Good luck & remember to have fun to counteract all the family & marital stress these things can cause. eeeeek! Keep your chin up, buttercup. And rock on.

    February 13th, 2006 | #

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