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April 16th, 2006

Dear Wacky Mommy,

Okay, I am so effing bored at work that it may just kill me. There are only so many interesting blogs, and frankly I get to feeling guilty after a few hours of internet surfing. What’s a girl to do when her job just does not keep her entertained?


Slacker Girl

Dear SG,

You need to surf, surf, surf whenever possible because you are wrong when you say there are only so many interesting blogs. There are waaaaaaaaaaay more than that uh-huh. Here’s one and here’s one and here’s a mag I like to read.

Then you can blow half a day at least on You Tube. (I thought it said “Better Yourself” but that was wishful thinking. It says “Broadcast Yourself.” Duh hey rock and roll.)

A problem with this: It’s kind of obvious that you’re screwing off when you’re reading blogs and someone walks by. I understand this. Also you can get busted extremely easily for sending e-mails on company time. You do have your own hotmail or gmail account, I’m assuming, and don’t talk about your sex life and other salacious details via company e. So… I’m a kept woman, which means I do nothing other than attempt to look busy.

My favorite ploys: Starting dinner at 5:15, when I know Wacky Dee is getting home at 5:45. Alternately, starting dinner at 6:15 when I know he’ll be home at 6:45. Too bad you can’t cook at work, it is the best time waster in the world.

You could ask for additional work, to be a Team Player and all but this one has backfired on me when I was in the working world. Cuz invariably, as soon as you get some new, hopefully interesting, assignments, then your regular workload picks up and you look like a wuss when you say, “Too much work! Too much work!” and try to pass some of it off.

My advice would be to have a little snack, maybe pita bread, hummus and carrots, around 2 p.m. and try to keep the blood sugar levels up. Try to stay awake. And for the love of God, don’t get started on computer games, online gambling, porn sites or eBay. Surefire ways to get axed. So teach yourself some new computer programs, take a walk, re-organize shit you’ve already organized — try to look busy, if you can.

I used to write letters (longhand, in a legal pad) to family and friends when I was bored at work. It makes you look efficient. Especially if you’re using a sharpened pencil.



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