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Still, the Floor She is Not Finished

April 20th, 2006

I’m admiring the floor tiles right now. Terra cotta, with a hint of blue kind of splashed across. They go nicely with the almond tiles for the shower. (It’ll have two stripes of cobalt blue, to accent. One stripe is a third of the way up the shower wall, and the second is another third of the way up from that.) They’re all in my office, the tiles. Along with the toilet, now dubbed Office Space Toilet. The floor guy could not bring in the hideous backer board from the front porch, or even start on the tile, cuz they had to start from scratch again.

On the dry rot on the bathroom floor.

On re-re-framing the shower. (We do it nice, cuz we do it thrice?)

So here I wait, with the toilet, and the tiles, for the tile guy to come by again.

Auf wienerschnitzel.

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