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A Brief Round-up of My Keywords Reports

April 22nd, 2006

Ahem. These are but a few of the searches people have used, thus finding me, Wacky Mommy, Writer at Large:

guinea pigs and pinkeye (funny — we just had pinkeye here again…)
booty coverings
horrid gory pictures (because, like, you find sooooooo many pictures on my blog)
sean croghan email
michael corinthos is kidnapping (a General Hospital reference)
because i said so shirt
i make milk, what’s your superpower?
how long does it take to vacuum a house (don’t ask me!)
sexy mommy with big ass (thank you!)
dirty thieves
tom and katie freak baby
voluptuous housewives (thank you again!)
cybill shepherd breasts
p diddy mac and cheese

(and, last but not least…)

*how much does it really cost: remodelling / repair.* (baby, don’t ask. There is tile ON THE FLOOR in the bathroom and tile ON THE WALL in the shower and NO IT’S NOT DONE, BUT ALMOST. You know who finally fixed the messed-up framing in the shower? No, not the one framer who came out here twice or the other framer who came out here twice. That’s right — the tile guy. He finally straightened it out because there was nothing standing between him and getting the g.d. tile installed. And the TRIKE THAT SAVED MY LEGS is now parked in the yard, in all its glory.)

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