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Sunday Book Review

May 7th, 2006

Next to my nightstand, tripping me everytime I get up:

* A pile of toys Wacky Boy keeps adding to — my Mother’s Day gifts. (They include, so far, five Boohbahs in different colors — hot pink, purple, blue, orange and yellow; a rubber snake; several teddy bears; and Whiskers, his favorite stuffed bunny. This is true love, that he gave me Whiskers.)

* One large black Lab, who thinks he’s a cat

* Four journals (two of my own, one for each of the kids)

* TV Guide (because who can maneuver television without guidance?)

* A large stack of old copies of the Nation, New Yorker and Cosmo (???) magazines

These books:

The Ruins of California by Martha Sherrill (The Penguin Press, 318 pages). The life of the Ruin family, as described by young Inez Ruin, in 1970s California.

Crescent by Diana Abu-Jaber (W.W. Norton & Co., 349 pages). I love everything Abu-Jaber has written so far, but this is my favorite. Romantic, scary, political, surreal and you know I love descriptions of food and eating.

Growing Girls: The Mother of All Adventures by Jeanne Marie Laskas (Bantam Dell, 272 pages). I’m not big on memoirs lately, after reading eight or 10 in a row and maxing out, but I’m enjoying Laskas’ stories of life with her husband and two young adopted daughters on Sweetwater Farm, in Scenery Hill, Pa.

Daddy Needs a Drink: An Irreverent Look at Parenting from a Dad Who Truly Loves His Kids — Even When They’re Driving Him Nuts by Robert Wilder (Delacorte Press, 273 pages). Again, not so into memoirs, but Wilder is over the top and this is a fun read.

Looking forward to: Upcoming publication of “Scrap Everything” by Leslie Gould. A great story about two women, unlikely candidates for friendship, and how their lives grow and change together in a small town in Oregon. Great book.

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