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June 8th, 2006

Dear Wacky Mommy:

What do you make of this dream, WM? The two dogs and I sitting on the bank of a river, I’m trying like mad to not let the dogs jump in, floating by are all these people I know, not quite floating and not quite swimming (but alive)! following them were large monkeys or apes — then a large red-headed wood-pecker shows up and starts hammering on a tree next to me. I woke up with a splitting headache and feeling sick…..what the F????

Husband’s work has been a tad stressful lately — work..no work..work..no work. He’s now looking into a career change after 20 some years in his current profession — I’m thinking maybe there are huge stress cells sloughing off him onto me while I sleep?



Dear Zip:

Has your headache gone away yet? I hope so, cuz you e-ed me this question, like, a week ago and I have not responded.

That is the strangest dang dream I’ve ever heard of. Stranger even than my mom’s dream, years ago, that she was trying to break up with her loser boyfriend, only she was running through the forest, stirring tangerine juice, and couldn’t get away. And he was chasing her? Something.

Then she tripped over a tree root and it woke her up. Oh, wait! Naw, that was the time my uncle fell asleep at the wheel driving home from a hunting trip. The “root” was a bump in the road, whoops! Good thing he woke up.

My guess is the same as your guess — stress. Honest. You both need to splurge and get massages. See the acupuncturist if that headache hasn’t gone. (Advice I still haven’t taken, myself.)

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