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June 16th, 2006

The thing about blogs is you have to blog, my Wacky Cousin tells me. Huh. The thing about blogs is that however everyone else is doing is how I start doing. The readers, the other bloggers, the Internet in general. I am impressionable like that. So we’ve all been in something of a funk lately. What with summeritis, jobs changing (I’m starting school to get my real estate license), my Wacky Cousin being beautiful with her big baby belly (I start FEELING PREGNANT just being around her. See? Impressionable.), school getting out, BlogHer ’06 (I’m not going and am sulking), being in a “bad-ish place”, getting our pictures taken with Andrew Shue, sigh, “screwing up the world one baby at a time”, etc.

I am over here beating myself up because I haven’t updated my links in months, I haven’t sold any writing in about that long, and I blew up at the kids yesterday. All day long.

Yesterday being the first day of summer vacation.

Yesterday being the day Wacky Girl has been looking forward to for months. Which apparently made her LOSE HER WACKY MONKEY BRAIN and decide to whine and cry and kick the shit out of her brother all day, whick made me SCREAM CURSE WORDS at them both, “What the fuck are you doing?” to be precise, and send her to her room. She calmed down and was fine, I calmed down and was fine. Wacky Boy? The kid is so volatile. He gets in and over moods more quickly than WG changes outfits. Which is to say — real quick.

So he’s always fine.

But am I cursed for summer, getting off to a rocky start? I hope not.

My Wacky Cousin (not the p.g. one, another one, who’s just as cute, even not pregnant) is here watching the kids. I went clothes shopping by myself and found a pair of jeans (that FIT. otherwise, duh hey, I would not have purchased them) and a shirt.

Maybe it won’t be so rocky around here, after all.


  1. wacky cousin says

    who is as cute as me? i think not. you’re just trying to see if you can make a pregnant girl cry. and your summer is going to be fabulous, it’s the gray skies that have got you down. just wait until, um, august, i guess.

    June 16th, 2006 | #

  2. Wacky Mommy says

    Heh heh. OK, a note to the readers: Our grandma (maternal side) is pissed because none of the cousins (with the exception of me, nyah nyah) are getting married. Yet they’re procreating anyway! So Wacky Cousin B., who was here today, is the only one IN THE ENTIRE FAMILY — aunts, uncles, cousins, great-grandkids — that my grandma isn’t obsessing about and/or fighting with. “Why won’t my grandchildren get married?” she keeps saying. Then a big sigh. Then, “THEY NEED TO GET TO THE PREACHER!” The cousins are all like, “Jesus. No! No one’s getting married!”

    So I told Cousin B. “Yeah she’s not mad at you cuz you’re not pregnant.”

    “I’m trying,” she says. I’m thinking “Woo-hoo!!!!” And she says, “TRYING NOT TO GET PREGNANT! Calm down!” Heh heh heh. So there’s your family gossip from the Wackies.

    June 16th, 2006 | #

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