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Who I’m Reading This Weekend

July 2nd, 2006

I’m reading a lot of Nothing But Bonfires and Planet Nomad because Wacky Mommy is a wuss and does not travel well. ie — I throw up a lot when I travel. Or I start my period and/or get pregnant. So Bonfires and Nomad are travelling for me.

And Iowa Drift is always good. Iowa City girl. And if I were to travel anywhere right now, it would be to 1) Iowa City and 2) Denver so my kids could see their grandparents. My mom lives in town, so we’re fortunate there, and see her at least a couple times a week. But these sweet years are flying by and we don’t get to see the other grandparents as much as we’d like. Plus, Denver has a great aquarium that I liked so much last time we were there I just wanted to move in. And Iowa City — one word: Boating. We take the beer, the picnic lunch, the kids and the potato chips and go out on the reservoir. It’s perfect. We have no friends with boats here. (Note to self: Find friends with boats, cabins on Mt. Hood and at the beach. Pronto.)

Also reading Finslippy, who is an intriguing writer. And I am loyal to her and want to kick her babysitter’s ass for hitting Henry, her little guy. (Me and 179 other readers.)

Also, Want Not.net cuz she does my shopping for me so I don’t have to. (Am lazy this summer. Am worthless blogger this summer. Uh, maybe not just in summer.)

And the kids are into Dav Pilkey and his Extra-Crunchy Website of Fun. Hey, as long as it means we don’t have to leave the house…

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