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August 14th, 2006

Hello everyone, it’s Wacky Girl. I don’t like my name to be Wacky Girl, that is not even my real name. But mom says I have to. She does not know me.

I just knitted a hat for my brother. It’s white. Grandma made a pom-pom for it but he didn’t want it, so she put it on my dress. I like it. My Grandma is in town from Colorado. We are having really fun. We went on a hike. (Ed: Oxbow Park.)

Wacky Boy: Can we watch a cartoon? Like the Aristocats? Ice Age? American Dragon? Wallace & Gromit? CareBear movies? Cartoons. Cartoons like that, Mom.

WG: Or PBS Kids? Dad does not let us watch TV. But he’s not here. (Ed: He’s at the liquor store, buying rum — good rum, not Bacardi blech — for mojitos. 2006 will be remembered always as the summer we discovered mojitos.)

WG: Mommy won’t let me watch TV either!

WB has no comment. Me? Missing in action? Yes, I was in Gladstone, Ore., housesitting for Zip. I remembered things while I was gone — what I like to fix myself for dinner, for example. (Beef shish kebabs, yogurt, cereal, fruit…) and had fun playing with the two black Labs. I gave up on one manuscript and outlined another. I wrote a whole page of “Things I Would Blog About IF I COULD GET A G.D. INTERNET CONNECTION” but it’s on the laptop and the kids are screaming for TV so…

Tom and Jerry Whiskers Away! it is.

More later,



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