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Day 3 & Day 4 of No TV

September 4th, 2006

Kids had no TV all day yesterday. They rode bikes instead, played, helped clean the house (??? amazing…) and didn’t scream for television at all. And best of all, no tantrums when I tried to turn the TV off. (A bonus of never turning it on in the first place.)

Hockey God and I watched Valley Girl but THAT WAS IT I SWEAR TO YOU INTERNET. It was even more tripindicular then the first eight times I’ve watched it. (I cheat and it’s with Valley Girl? Something I’ve already viewed over and over? What’s it with me and this movie? “…they’ve got a word/for girls like me…” Totally. Fer shure.) Martha Coolidge’s commentary on the DVD is hilarious — Nicolas Cage was fretting about the shooting schedule for Rumblefish, there was a conflict, she told him, “I know Coppola, it’s okay. I’ll call him.” He gives her a funny look. She calls the production company and they give her a hard time, “We don’t have a Nicolas Cage on the film — just Nicolas Coppola.” Hee hee.

Day Four: No TV should be easy today. (Once we make it past the withdrawal pangs from no morning cartoons things go pretty smoothly.) But can I avoid Earth Girls are Easy? Who woulda thought Geena Davis would go from that to Thelma and Louise to… Commander in Chief? Dammit, I would rather see her play Thelma on the show than the character she plays, who Must. Not. Crack. A Smile. How cool would this be? She shows up in the Oval Office, all dusty, wearing her black T-shirt, and says, “If nobody loses their head, nobody loses their head.”

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Hope you’re off work today.

(9/5 — Edited to say: We watched no TV yesterday at all. Nada. None of us. Call Guinness Book of World Records, would you?)

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