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September 7th, 2006

Oh, Google. You’re so whimsical in the ways you send people to me:

10 readers were looking for: wakey wakey hands off snakey

9: stupidass

8: drunk mommies (Won’t find one here. I stopped drinking booze — did I mention this already? Turns out booze is expensive. We can afford to save for the kids’ college funds now.)

Only 5 readers were searching for: snarky librarian

Another 5 wanted: soapy handjobs (Yeah, I bet they did.)

4 hunted for: dancing breasts (tied with: i flashed my boobs)

My second favorite? The 2 people who were searching for: p diddy’s macaroni and cheese recipe (If I had it I wouldn’t share it)

Number one top favorite, searched for by one bitter reader: i hate mommy bloggers (Yet you search us out anyway… Sucker.)

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  1. AmandaF says

    The first one is funny!

    September 8th, 2006 | #

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