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Thursday Thirteen Ed. #59

September 20th, 2006

For my Thursday Thirteen I present:


13. “Depressed my ass! She needs to clean her house!”

12. “Who do you think you are, Little Miss Astor Butt?”

11. “Get on down here to dinner or I’m throwing it out.”

10. “Elvis. That poor boy just had too much too fast.”

9. “Patsy. Ol’ Patsy had her a hard life.”

8. “How are you, sugar?”

7. “Bacon! I love bacon. It is my downfall. But I’ve had to cut back — I only eat it every other day now.”

6. “Randy Travis — your grandpa just loved Randy Travis.”

5. “I made you some of that Ambrosia that you like so much.”

4. “I made your husband some of those Ranger Cookies that he likes so much.”

3. “Now I grew up during the Depression. I do not throw things away, like plastic bags. Your aunt always throws away plastic bags. And shops at Nordstrom. She refuses to shop anywhere but Nordstrom.”

2. “I do not drink. Not even a sip. But I do put wine in my fruitcake.”

1. “Men are like streetcars — there’s another one along every fifteen minutes. Miss one, catch the next.”


  1. Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira says

    I think I like you grandmother…Nice list!!!

    She sounds fun…

    Happy Thursday

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  2. Robin says

    OMG! This is the best list I’ve read so far! Would love to meet your Grandma!

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  3. Jenny Ryan says

    Your grandma rocks! :)

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  4. Amaranth says

    What a fun Grandma…my mom is going to be one of those Grandmas some day…I can hear her now! Happy T13!

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  5. Jenny says

    LOL I like #11. No one has ever said that to me. But maybe someday I’ll use it on my son. :D

    Happy TT. Mine is up if you wanna take a look!!

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  6. Zipdodah says

    This made my day. Hysterical. Number #1 is my fav.

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  7. N. Mallory says

    I wanna hug your gramma. I love 13 & 12. Judging by #2, your gramma and my great-gramma would have gotten along fabulously…only my great-gramma would open the tin of fruit cake, pour rum or bourbon on it, cut a slice, close the tin…and then do the same thing the next day until the cake was gone and let me tell you that last slice was could have launched a rocket with a spark from a match. :P

    Happy TT!

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  8. Melissa says

    Your grandma rocks! She sounds a lot like my grandma and her mother. No drinking, but my great-granny could make a MEAN flaming rum cake!

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  9. Wacky Mommy says

    14. “Howdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” (She just called. I love my granny.)

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  10. Lingerie Lady K says

    I loved that! Reminds me of my grandma – I think I will do a list of the things she always said next week! I lauged out loud, because at least three of the things on your list could be on mine too.

    My Thirteen is at http://gastric-bypass-blog.blogspot.com/

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  11. Barb says

    Your grandmother sounds like fun! I love #12. I used to hear my Aunt say that years ago.

    September 21st, 2006 | #

  12. Wacky Mommy says

    #15. (When explaining why she’s pro-war): “You think Jesus didn’t have to go into the poolhall and crack a few heads together in his time?”

    September 22nd, 2006 | #

  13. kelly says

    I bet life was never dull with your Grandma! Especially looove #15 :D

    September 23rd, 2006 | #

  14. Zipdodah says

    My vote: Granny for prez.

    September 24th, 2006 | #

  15. edj says

    And you wonder where you got it from… ;) Love your granny. I’m with zip–I’d vote for her too.

    September 24th, 2006 | #

  16. Wacky Mommy says

    Oh, please. I am painfully aware of any and all similarities. Everytime I start a sentence, “And, oh…!” HG teases me by calling me granny.

    September 24th, 2006 | #

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