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When You’re Tired of Listening to Dad

September 23rd, 2006

Let’s say you have a dad who is, eh, for the most part pretty nice. Takes you to ice skating lessons, teaches you to ride a two-wheeler, makes you chocolate chip waffles for breakfast. But he has this habit of saying, “Drink your milk. The whole glass. Drink all of it. All of it. Now. Do not pour it down the sink. I said don’t pour it down the sink. I can’t believe you just poured that down the sink after I told you not to.”

A solution?

How about you stand up at the breakfast table, pretend to pour the entire glass of milk in your ear, then douse the front of your nightgown, the chair and the rug with it. Problem solved! Now you’ve just got to clean up the mess.

“What were you thinking?” HG asks.

“I. Don’t. Knoooooooooooow!!!” she trills, jitterbugging around the house.

I (heart) Wacky Girl and her sheer, unbridled enthusiasm for life.

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  1. EvilBaritone says

    Ooooo…that ranks right up there with my little Deedle thwapping her little 1 yr old sister with a gigantic My Little Pony book. Why? I dunnooooooo….

    Thanks, WackyMommy, for sharing your humorous daily stories. I love to share a laugh with other parents who ‘understand’!
    From a fellow wacky Portlander…

    September 25th, 2006 | #

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