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October 16th, 2006

Not Winning Mother of the Year started it, and we obviously have some things in common. Tag you’re it — e-mail them to your friends if you have no blog. (No blog? You must start one today!):

Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

� See my kids graduate from grade school, high school and college
� See my kids get married
� Grow old with my husband
� Hold my grandchildren in my arms (my mother’s voice says: “If they want to have kids! Not everyone’s cut out to be a parent!” etc.)
� Move to the country; eat a lot of peaches (to paraphrase John Prine)
� See Portugal again with my husband
� Own a beach house. And a cabin in the mountains.
� See our mortgage(s) paid off

Things I Cannot Do:

� Be elected president of the U.S. Because of, you know. I’m so conservative and all.
� Stop watching “Lost”
� Stop having “episodes”
� Stop drinking coffee
� Stay mad at my husband, the kids, or the dog (the cats? Different story.)
� Keep my house clean

Things I Can Do:

� Write
� Organize the basement
� Bake pretty much anything
� Laugh loud and love hard

Things That Attracted Me To My Husband:

� He is foxy
� He has great legs
� He was stretched out on the railing of his front porch the first time I saw him, kicked back, drinking a beer. I knew I had to marry him. Slight problem: I was living with someone else at the time.
� Not his car – he drove an ancient Toyota Corolla. It was brown.
� We got serious and stayed serious

Things I Say Most Often:

� I am so tired.
� It’s time to go.
� Did I already tell you this? (Little bit of ADD, whoops)
� Stop talking and finish eating!

Books I Love:

Unless by Carol Shields
I Don’t Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother by Allison Pearson
� many, many others

Movies I Love:

� Breakfast at Tiffany’s (As a kid I watched it about fifty times. As an adult I’ve watched it fifty more.)
� Romeo + Juliet (Zefferelli’s version and Baz Luhrmann’s, too)

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