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It’s Snowing

November 28th, 2006

Hot damn, it’s snowing again! And we still have the flu. And we have two rehearsals coming up for the Christmas pageant at church and I have no idea when they are. Whoops. That’s all for today.

OK, that’s not much of a post, sorry. Wacky Girl is going to be a junior angel this year in the pageant. She’s a senior angel, IMHO. I love that girl. Wacky Boy has to wait until next year, when he’s in kindergarten. Then he can be a goat or a cow. Maaaaaaaaaaa! Moooooooo! I love that boy.

Would you like an update on everything I can think of? Okay, here goes:

Squirrels: I keep meaning to write about our crazy-ass yard squirrels and the saga of how they busted into our house, becoming our crazy-ass house squirrels. They wreaked much havoc in the kitchen, thus necessitating a kitchen remodel. Eh, I’ll try to remember to write up the story sometime. Do you like squirrels? I do not. My mom ate a lot of squirrel, growing up in Arkansas. “Tastes nutty!” she told my kids. This is a good use of squirrel.

Tuesday Recipe Club: Maybe later. Roasted squirrel, Mile-High Strawberry Pie (a Midwestern classic — my favorite pie ever) and Red, Green & White Salad.

Wacky Dog, on life at the kennel: He wasn’t so happy with being left at the kennel last week while we were in Iowa. He came home bathed, groomed, looking good, and did not drop any weight, so I’m assuming they fed him. I think he has no room to bitch.

Evil Neighbor: Honestly, my having called the city on her has made her a halfway decent neighbor. She ignores us, which is not a bad thing. She avoids me when I’m outside, which, again, not a bad thing! When her dog yap-yaps everytime he hears me (when we’re getting in the car, when I’m unloading groceries, when I’m taking out the trash) she no longer lets him out to yap-yap in my face! (And by “lets him out” I mean, “leashes him up and throws him out the backdoor.” The dog is literally tethered on a three-foot-long lead, and has to squat to pee on the tiny area of patio where his lead reaches. There is nothing sadder to me than a boy dog forced to squat cuz he cannot reach a tree.) AND she’s got a Pavlovian thing going now — when she sees me in the morning, through the kitchen window doing my dishes, she immediately goes outside and cleans up after her dog. Then she sweeps her kitchen and mudroom. (I know this because she tosses the dirt and dog hair out the backdoor and onto the driveway. Still, it’s a start.) And there’s not quite as much trash along the driveway anymore. All in all, a success story.

On Finding An Agent: Still trying.

On Not Drinking: Still not drinking. Eh, it just isn’t my thing anymore.

Wacky Nekkid Neighbor: Nine months pregnant, they won’t know boy/girl ’til bebe gets here, the Newest Nekkid Mini-Neighbor, screaming and kicking. Wacky Nekkid Neighbor herself is nekkid and beautiful as always. Wacky Nekkid Duck Neighbor, her husband, also has been enjoying his clothes-free moments. Sorry, unable to post pix of them due to confidentiality.

All for now,


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  1. edj says

    I can’t believe you have snow. I’m so jealous. I mean, I’m so happy for you. Yeah, that’s it. Happy.

    November 29th, 2006 | #

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