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Another Option: Not Being An Asshole

January 5th, 2007

Oh, those bumperstickers. They’re always making me want to chuck a corndog through someone’s window. I was picking up my daughter from school today, we’re driving off down the street that runs in front of the school. I stop to let a mom and her son cross the street in front of us. She waves a thank-you. It’s windy, it’s raining, they’re crossing quickly. A van heading from the other direction stops for them, too. Just as they’re almost across the street, a mom in a van behind me hits the gas, zips around me, comes close to running over the mom and son, almost smacks into the other van, then drives off down the street.

Not doing 20 in a 20 mph school zone, by the way, for any of this.

The bumpersticker on the back of her van says:

Consider Adoption
Another Option

So abortion is wrong, but mowing down pedestrians and other drivers is all right? I am finding some irony in this. Actually, I’m just pissed about it. About ten years ago, a friend of mine saw a similar scenario unfold — driver is letting a pedestrian cross, the driver behind him flips out, zooms around, because, dammit HE IS GOING TO GET TO WHERE HE NEEDS TO GO RIGHT FRICKIN’ NOW.

And he kills the pedestrian.

My friend saw it happen. It was just one of those awful, awful stories. So don’t pull that manuveur, ‘k? Thank you.

Yours in safe driving,



  1. Mrs. Flinger says

    You just hit on my biggest pet peeve ever. 1. People who whip around a stopped car without thinking that MAYBE they are stopped in the middle of the road for a REASON and 2. Bumper stickers that prove what hypocritical idiots they are.


    January 5th, 2007 | #

  2. surviving motherhood says

    Man i hate people that do that! Do they really think you have stopped in the middle of the road just to annoy them? Could it be that there are other people in world apart from themselves? Grrr.

    January 5th, 2007 | #

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