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January 13th, 2007

“His name is not Jethro. Or Ro-Ro. You cannot start calling him that.”
— Wacky Boy, when he hears my plan to rename Wacky Dog. (Here are pix of Wacky Dog with my sister’s crazy dog. And did you see this fat lab? Oh. My. Gaaaaaaaaaawd.)

Wacky Girl: “We already washed our hands. Upstairs.”
Wacky Girl’s friend, flatly: “No we didn’t.”

Wacky Girl: “I didn’t throw the ball — he did.”
Wacky Boy, agitated: “No I did not!”

— Wacky Girl discovers the joy of lying

“You read ahead in The Borrowers Afield, but not The Babysitters’ Club? No fair.”
— Hockey God to the kids, at bedtime

Hockey God: “Remember how you said you’d put the kids to bed at least once a week? How about you do that?”
Me: “I did. On Wednesday. So you could go to the hockey game, bozo.”
Hockey God: “Bozo. That’s nice.”

“Uh-huh. First I need some Tylenol.” (leaves the room)
— my Mom, when I ask her to read a post on my blog

“What I need, and it is not a hug, is help on this puzzle.”
— Wacky Boy

“Don’t lick that!”
— Hockey God, yelling at one of the kids

“The bitch you know is always better than the bitch you don’t.”
— Wacky Mommy

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  1. surviving motherhood says

    I always wondered who bought those silly dog outfits…now i know. And given the choice between the borrowers and the babysitters club I know which one i would rather go for as well. Think I’m going to pretend things like the babysitters club books don’t exist written in English that way if she wants them read hubby will have to do it in Finnish! Ha ha!

    January 13th, 2007 | #

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