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For All of You New Parents

March 24th, 2007

Children’s Books That Didn’t Make It:

1. You Are Different and That’s Bad
2. The Boy Who Died From Eating All His Vegetables
3. Dad’s New Wife Robert
4. Fun four-letter Words to Know and Share
5. Hammers, Screwdrivers and Scissors: An I-Can-Do-It Book
6. The Kids’ Guide to Hitchhiking
7. Kathy Was So Bad Her Mom Stopped Loving Her
8. Curious George and the High-Voltage Fence
9. All Cats Go to Hell
10. The Little Sissy Who Snitched
11. Some Kittens Can Fly.
12. That’s it, I’m Putting You Up for Adoption
13. Grandpa Gets a Casket
14. The Magic World Inside the Abandoned Refrigerator
15. Garfield Gets Feline Leukemia
16. The Pop-Up Book of Human Anatomy
17. Strangers Have the Best Candy
18. Whining, Kicking and Crying to Get Your Way
19. You Were an Accident
20. Things Rich Kids Have, But You Never Will
21. Pop! Goes The Hamster…And Other Great Microwave Games
22. The Man in the Moon Is Actually Satan
23. Your Nightmares Are Real
24. Where Would You Like to Be Buried?
25. Eggs, Toilet Paper, and Your School
26. Why Can’t Mr. Fork and Ms. Electrical Outlet Be Friends?
27. Places Where Mommy and Daddy Hide Neat Things
28. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry


  1. edj says

    I LOVE THESE BOOKS! I will buy them all–please send info. :)

    March 26th, 2007 | #

  2. WackyMommy says

    Edj, re: #26. I don’t know if you remember this from university or not, but there was a story in the paper around that time about these three little brothers who had, like, dulled nerve endings? Some unusual medical condition. So they’d spend their days jabbing forks into electrical outlets just to *feel* something.

    Their mom was a mess over it, needless to say. “Someone! Make. Them. Stop.”

    We were all obsessed with their story and passed the clipping around. Crazy university students. Crazy little brothers.

    March 26th, 2007 | #

  3. edj says

    I don’t remember that, but then, my brain cells have mostly departed. How depressing.
    Do you remember the Shel Shelstein’s (What’s his name? The End of the Sidewalk and Giving Tree guy) alphabet book? Uncle Shelby’s A-Z book, or something. It was so funny! “H is for hole. You can dig a hole in the back yard and put things in it. What will fit? Daddy’s keys, Mommy’s wallet. Here is your little sister. She will tell on you and you will get in trouble. What else can you put in the hole?”
    It was funnier than that, even. I wish I still had my copy.

    March 28th, 2007 | #

  4. WackyMommy says

    A friend wanted to loan us that book and I told her no. My kids were obsessed with it the one time they saw it, and of course Hockey God thought it was perfect for them.

    March 28th, 2007 | #

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