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Take That, Billy Crudup

March 26th, 2007

Denny, you rock.

I know, I know, I KNOW, okay? Other people’s lives are none of my business. And Mary-Louise Parker is not my “real” girlfriend, it just feels like it. But when she was eight months pregnant with her son, and it was right after I was pregnant with my son? And then Billy Crudup, who I formerly had such a hott crush on, from “Almost Famous,” LEFT HER? Honestly, I do not give a rip what a pregnant woman is doing to piss you off — insisting on Orange Crush, demanding foot rubs with peppermint lotion, wanting you to fix her french fries at 10 p.m. — short of trying to kill you, there is no excuse for leaving the mother of your child in her hour of need.


I mean, Billy, what the hell? You have a career to think about. Who’s going to want you, once you pull a stunt like that? Oh, right. Claire Danes. But supposedly they’re on the outs, and now he’s seeing… who cares.

My point is — their son has guess who now for a stepdad-to-be? That’s right, Denny Duquette. The world is a just place, after all.

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