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March 31st, 2007

Please! Thank you!

At Wacky House, we need more bandwidth specifically to accommodate my YouTube and ABC downloads obsession. My readers! I love you! And I am expending much bandwidth to fulfill your needs.

Are you wondering how Hockey God’s game went tonight? SO FRICKIN’ GREAT. They won 3-2. (Hockey Fact #1: You always want to get the puck in the net more times than the other team.)

“That team,” my husband says to one of the other guys, after the game, “they had trouble standing up. They were falling down pretty easily.” His teammate nods in agreement.

Yeah, especially when their feet got in the way of our teams’ sticks.

I met some of the other hockey wives from the team and really, they could not be sweeter. Especially when their husbands are kicking ass and not getting any ribs broken. (Hockey Fact #2: They don’t tape ribs anymore. And they take about two months to heal.)

(Hockey Fact #3: You can break a rib just from coughing, say, from a bad case of the flu. One of the hockey wives herself experienced this. So bwaaa — hockey, dangerous?)

(Hockey Fact #4: Most of us rabid hockey fans have come to the conclusion that other sports — soccer is the sport most frequently mentioned — are way more dangerous than hockey. In hockey you wear pads, see? And a helmet. In soccer you do not. My uncle, for example, broke his leg twice playing soccer and did not realize it until he broke it a third time.)

One of the other hockey wives, in the parking lot as we were leaving, was giving me evil eye and shaking her head. I’m like, what the hell’s up with her? My husband says, “You’re wearing my jersey…” (a clean one! thank you) “…and they lost to us.” Oh, right!

(Hockey Fact #5: Hockey wives sometimes mix it up. I will sidestep any brawls.)



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  1. Jen says

    Not a hockey wife here, but was a hockey sister and am contemplating playing it next year once I can get some cheap pads at the ski and skate sale in October. I agree with you about hockey being safer than soccer, one dislocated pinky and sprained ankle here…..

    This week I have listed your blog as one of my five links to love, it’s a challenge to read more than just the Thursday 13 lists. I enjoy your view of life and your style!

    April 1st, 2007 | #

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