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My Son Just Started Reading!!!!!!!!!

April 12th, 2007

Dang, talk about a pick-me-up. Wacky Boy, The One Who is Now Five, has been recognizing a few words here and there for awhile now. Just now he brought a worksheet to me, one of a set from school that he’s been diligently working on since we’ve been quarantined. This one had the names of the colors outlined, and you color in the blank once you figure out the word.

“Can you read this color, Mom?”

“Sure, pink. And the next one’s white. Do you need me to read the others?”

“No. That one’s red, and the next one’s yellow… Is it yellow, or orange?” he smiles.

“It’s orange.”

“And the next one is orange, then brown and then black.”

“You’re reading!”

“I read it.” He smiles even bigger.

His sister, yelling from the next room, “You read that all by yourself!”

I am so glad I was here for this.

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  1. mamatoo says

    Wow – you are an amazing homeschooler, Wacky Mommy! Your dress is on order.

    April 12th, 2007 | #

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