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June 16th, 2007

Hockey God forwarded me an e-mail from our Minneapolis buddy, Big T, with a DVD recommendation. And their fashion tips.

They’re cracking me up here.


Big T: Today I’m wearing dark chocolate slacks and a sky blue power shirt. Brown shoes. I got my head shaved last weekend, and I am pert and bouncy in my step.

Hockey God:
Re: Today’s fashion glimpse
Me: earthen green pocket T, faded black jeans, scuffed black slip-on shoes. I haven’t shaved all week, and I need a hair cut. (In other words, I look like shit.)

Big T: What do you mean? That is a good color combination, and you’re growing a beard. The amazing thing to me is that many formal clothes cost less and are more comfortable than “casual” clothes. Case in point: denim jeans. Way too hot, and they cost astronomical sums.

(He’s right! And the DVD pick? The Third Man, with Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles. I can also recommend Jesus Camp and the Naked Brothers Band. OK, those look odd, grouped together. Nonetheless, have a delicious weekend. wm)

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