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for Mallory: seven random facts about me

June 18th, 2007

My dear Mallory tagged me. As she knows I love memes.

Without further ado:

7 Random Facts About Me

1. I have many secret crushes — all of them innocent. Crush #1: The UPS guy.

2. Crush #2: The Fed-Ex guy.

3. Crush #3: All the blogger kids. This is infatuation, more like. Some people do aromatherapy, I go to Amalah, Mrs. Flinger, Y from the Internet (Joy Unexpected), Zoot, Rockstar Mommy’s and Dooce’s sites and admire their kids. Even when they’re older kids, looking surly, like Mallory’s kid, here. I like kid pix! (I read a ton of blogs, sorry to play favorites. But these are my comfort blogs.)

4. Speaking of RSM — She and Ty need their own reality show, doncha think?

5. That’s not really a random fact about me, that’s a random fact that speaks to what a geeb I am. I have a crush on RSM! And her husband! No, I don’t swing. That’s another fact:

6. Hockey God and I do not swing. So don’t bother asking.

7. Right now, I am having lunch (macaroni & turkey salad and an iced coffee) while the kids play in the yard. The yard which is nicely mowed. Thank you, all bow down to Wacky Mommy.

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