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from Jen

June 22nd, 2007

This is so simple, it’s perfect.

From Jen:

this is who we are

we create. we struggle. we falter. we pick ourselves back up. we are outrageously witty. we are strong. we are soft. we juggle. we drive too fast. we bend. we stand up straight. we know what we want. we compromise. we explore. we laugh. we are hard on ourselves. we ache. We swing on the monkey bars. we are forgetful. we are merciless. we are merciful. we rush around. we remember. we learn. we eat bad food. we forge ahead. we scale back. we are sensual. we travel. we are colorful. we share. we are earthy. we swim in the ocean. we are nurturers. we are rockstars. we commune. we feel alone. we jump in puddles. we fail. we try again. we try our best. we show up. we protect our children. we are afraid. we are fearless. we create life. we watch life end. we get sick. we commiserate. we envy. we ruminate. we heal. we are curious. we are stubborn. we change our minds. we reason. we weep. we commit. we over commit. we fight. we make up. we do laundry. we challenge. we allow ourselves to be challenged. we love our planet. we never forget. we ask for help. we lust. we wake up early. we oversleep. we compare. we hold our babies. we discover unbearable joy. we need more rest. we swear. we know undeniable sorrow. we shout yes to the moon. we wait. we choose. we teach. we retreat. we come back. we groove. we hope. we hold on. we tilt our faces to the sun.

we write.

this is who we are.

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  1. jen says

    ahhh..sister. glad you enjoyed it. thank you.

    June 23rd, 2007 | #

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