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Thymes, Venus Breeze, the Magic Treehouse & Living Happily Ever After

July 10th, 2007

Hello, Product Slut here.

I am not a hot-hot weather fan. Warm, yes… balmy, definitely… but not 102 degrees hot. Who likes it that hot? No one is who. Whenever the weather’s unbearably warm (air-conditioning? in my house? ha ha ha) and I’m grouchy I just have to remember one thing: Our anniversary is in two months.

It was hot the day we were wed. Because my husband is smokin’ that’s why! It was weather-hot and sexy husband hot. One of my favorite wedding gifts was from a dear former co-worker of mine. It’s called Happily Ever After: Couples Talk About Lasting Love, by Laurie Wagner, Stephanie Rausser and David Collier (Chronicle Books, 159 pages). It’s based on Collier’s film “For Better or For Worse.” It’s a sweet book, romantic and honest. It’s a good one for me to pick up and re-read, and reminds me of that wedding day of ours, nine years ago this September.

I played at the mall with the kids today — we saw the Nancy Drew movie, totally fun, and had lunch. I bought them some little goodies (and I’m enjoying this time, believe me, because it doesn’t take much to keep them happy. Teen years we may not get by so easy).

The other day? They both were thrilled because we’d filled out their summer reading logs and they nabbed two free books from Barnes & Noble. The theme is “Magic Treehouse” and that’s my son’s favorite series ever. Perfect-o. (Only complaint: I wish they’d extend the program to all ages — baby through 18 — and not limit it to school-age kids.)

We got home to no power, crashed, hot ‘n’ bothered computer servers, two limp, miserable cats, but no matter! I got a sample of the new Venus Breeze razor and loads of coupons. (Thank you, Vocalpoint! Keep sending those goodies my way. Go sign up yourself if you want in.) I didn’t buy even one thing for myself at the mall, but who cares? Freebies rock.

But was that all? Oh, no. Also in the mailbag, I had a little box with wee baby goodies from the Thymes Sweetleaf Baby collection — soap, a washcloth, babywash and lotion. So squee and yummy and I’m really happy I don’t have a selfish little baby who wants to share because they’re mine, mine, mine.

Babies are so selfish. They get all the gifts, don’t they?

Oh, my kids, right. OK. I’ll share the babywash with them, but not the rest.

Was that all? No. Thymes is out of Minneapolis, and I love Minneapolis. I will give anyone from there a promo any damn time at all. Woo-hooooooooo, Minnesota! Land of 10,000 Lakes!!! Which is not giving them enough credit, because it’s actually around 15,000 lakes! Along with the baby goodies and tucked away in a separate box was a whole set of tiny little samples. Again — all for me. Because they know I love tiny samples. Thymes makes a whole line of products for bath, body and home. They want to make everyone happy, not just the selfish little babies.

The scents are just over-the-moon and I’m being honest here — I’m not too keen on strong scents. But I took a few for a test drive — Kimono Rose body creme, Persian Pear hand lotion, Azur body milk, Wild Ginger body lotion, oh yum. I smell so yummy. The scents are light, and I’ve got some aroma-therapy going here.

Life is bliss. Carry on.

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