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Meeting Tony Soprano

August 25th, 2007

An interview with our neighbor’s friend’s kid, E, who recently moved from New York to Seattle.

WM: When did you move to Seattle?

E: I moved to Seattle in June 2nd of 2007. This year. Before that, I lived in New York, in Astoria, Queens.

WM: So, did you ever meet the guys from “Entourage”?

E: Answer: No.

WM: Do you know who they are?

E: No, since I don’t really watch that show.

WM: So, did you ever see them filming “Sesame Street” when you lived in New York?

E: Yes. I saw it once.

Wacky Girl: What was it like — did they have all buildings there?

E: No. It’s mostly special effects.

WM: Which movie stars have you met?

E: I’ve met Tony Soprano, Elmo, all the “Sesame Street” characters.

Wacky Boy: Did you meet Dorothy? (Elmo’s goldfish.)

E: I’ve met all of ’em.

WM: You know Tony Soprano isn’t on “Sesame Street,” right?

E: (gives me a look like, duh) “Yes, I knew that.

WM: Did he give you an autograph or a hug or what?

E: He gave me a hug, which I really liked cuz it’s better than an autograph any day. And he shook my hand about a million times.

WM: Is he nice in person? Cuz on his show he’s kind of, you know. A thug.

E: Yeah, he’s nice. He’s super-nice.

WM: Did you meet Carmela Soprano?

E: Nope. But I met Tony for about two days — they were filming in Manhattan. I got to talk with him about the show. But I don’t like saying about it, cuz I was only six. Now I’m a year and three-quarters older.

WM: Did you see them film any other movies or shows?

E: Oh! I saw them filming “Night at the Museum,” I got to shake Ben Stiller’s hand, but that was basically all.

WM: How are you liking Seattle? More than Queens?

E: I am liking Seattle. The Greek food is amazing.

WM: Thanks for your time, buddy.

E: OK!

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  1. Redheaded Stepchild says

    A good thing E was well-behaved, or Tony Soprano might have had a ‘whack E time’…

    August 25th, 2007 | #

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